Monday, November 19, 2012

The Twelve Cups, Beach Street

The Twelve Cups, another newly opened café in Penang. Located at Beach Street, just beside Subway. Serving only beverages, mille crepes and some muffins, it is definitely not a place for dinner or lunch. I guess the main concept of the café is to provide a comfortable environment for youngsters to chit-chat and gathering. I'm totally in love with the cozy environment they have, simple yet relaxing.

The coffee counter

Some artistic decor on the wall 

The main attraction - Mille Crepe

If not mistaken, they have varieties such as Hokkaido Chocolate, Hokkaido Milk, French Vanilla, Tiramisu, Oreo Chocolate, Matcha and etc.

So here is our choice! Hokaido Chocolate - RM10.50
We pick this because it sounds special for us and I think I can't found this flavour in other shops selling mille crepe. So how does it taste? When my first bite, I found that it was too milky for me as I don't like to drink milk! (I guess many girls don't like milk too ^^) BUT.... the flavour was Hokaido Choc and it supposedly should tasted milky right?~~~ *smacked head* After few bites, I found that I love it and what make it special is that the little black round things between the layers. It is Chocolate Rice Chips!!! The crunchiness of it makes the mille crepe more delicious. ^^

Actually I think that mille crepe should go with a cup of great coffee. But again, the caffeine will affects me and I might get another sleepless night if I consume the coffee at that time. So we ordered Tropicana Breeze - RM12.90. Another brilliant choice of us! Very refreshing for a hot weather. :)


A new café in town that absolutely worth a visit

12, The Whiteaways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300 Penang.
04-2626 812
Business Hours: 8am-10pm (Sun - Thurs), 8am-12am (Fri & Sat)

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