Thursday, November 1, 2012

Love at First Bite - Love Bites @ Nagore Road, Penang

First Bite,

Yeepieee… It’s almost Friday!!! The day I look forward to week after week. I absolutely love weekend cause it was the time when I get to eat delicious food, chill out with friends and spend quality time with family and loved ones. Last weekend was an awesome weekend with a public holiday on Friday. ^^ Did a lot of stuff and one of the highlights of the weekend was meeting up with my BFF!! Haven’t seen her for a while since she went KL for internship. T.T Besides, we’re just so preoccupied with our own lives. But it’s so great that each and every one of us takes the extra effort to meet up despite our hectic schedules.

The chosen one, ❤Love Bites❤ @ Nagore Road
I think we went into the wrong place. With such romantic and quiet ambiance, it is not very suitable for us as it make us felt so uncomfortable with it. Any small movement seems could be heard by others and I'm so paiseh to suddenly laugh out so loudly cause of her silly joke. *blame her >.<*

We went there during lunch time and set lunch was available during that time. RM23++ included soup of the day, choice of main course, lovely dessert of the day and choice of drink (Passion Fruit Tea/Peach Fruit Tea/Mineral Water)
Passion Fruit Tea & Peach Fruit Tea
Soup of the day with the cute ❤ bowl
Fish Goujons
Coated oat breaded fish fillet, high temperature deep-fried to crispy and golden brown accompanied with rice, sauteed season vege and miso mayo dips
It was so-so only =.=

Seafood Spaghetti Ala Tomyam 
Spaghetti sauteed with assorted seafood in homemade tomyam marinara sauce, fusion hot & sour pasta
The homemade tomyam marinara sauce was delicious and thick. Yummy ^^


Perfect place for those loving birds out there and I will definitely come back for its dessert~ ^^

Second bite,

Went here for the second time purposely for its ❤ Love Toast ❤ !!!

Left : Pomelo Tea (RM5.90)
Right : Strawberry Yoghurt (RM7.90) 
Personally, I love the strawberry yoghurt so muchie!!! The strawberry and yoghurt blend well together giving the feeling of first love. aww.... =3

❤ Love Toast 
There are three types of love toast - Temptation of Love (Green tea flavour), Sensation of Love (cheese flavour) and Impression of Love (strawberry flavour). 
(I really appreciate how they put efforts in naming the dessert accordingly to the theme of the restaurant *liked* )
It took us some time to choose between these three and finally we agreed to choose the cheesy wan as we found that it might be more special if compared to the other two. 

Sensation of Love (Cheese Flavour) - RM18.90
Half block of toast stuffed in cheese sticks with vanilla ice-cream. Adding maize flacks, homemade cheese crepe and nuts to bring out endless satisfaction of Love Toast. *recommended*
So, curious what is inside the box??? ... Tadang!!! Answer in the picture below~

A bread box that was full of bread crumbs and bread stick that baked to perfection! *thumbs up*
The breads were very very crunchy and I love the bread crumbs so much. At first I was afraid that the cheese flavour might get too strong, but overall I think it's a great combination. :)
One only things that I hope is that they put a larger scoop of ice-cream as I found that the small scoop of ice-cream was not enough to eat with the large amount of bread.. @.@

11, Nagore Road, 10050 Georgetown, Penang
Mon to Sat : 12noon - 11pm (Close on Tuesday)
Sun : 3pm - 11pm

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