Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BFF for Life ❤

So how does it start? I just can say that it is the right timing and miracle that brings us together. The time we know each other were different and still, we are able to bond this amazing and precious friendship together.
We grew up together in Union High School and we even called our very own group 'FOUR', which very simple and directly tell the whole world that there are four of us all-together. The word 'FOUR' in Chinese might not sounds good and it is also not an auspicious word to symbolize things. But for us, the word 'FOUR' denotes each every one of us that established by a bond of friendship.

F - Celene
O - Joling
U - Hooi Tin
R - Huey Yen
(which was arranged accordingly to our birth date)

Now, our friendship was more than 10 years and we have shared so many things together such as joy, happiness, love, laughter, tears, sadness and etc... We have gone through ups and downs together and it isn't easy to engage. I must said that time isn't what makes a friendship last, but it may destroy a friendship if there is no effort to put within. What is behind our friendship? It was our love and devotion who keep the ties between our soul. Friendship is like a jigsaw puzzle - A game that requires lots of effort, patience and persistence. Every pieces of the puzzle will eventually fall into place but if there is no effort or patience to complete the game, the final pictures will not be form forever. The one and only rule that we set was not taken each other for granted.

After being away from them for 3 years and studying alone in Johor, I have learned to appreciate the companionship of my besties. Nothing will be greater than hanging out with a bunch of people who really care of each other. They are core of my world and whom I can share all my ups and downs. I always know that even if time stopped, our friendship doesn't.... =3

Journey of FOUR

Form 3

Leo club's dinner

@ Genting

@ Cameron

Form 5 Graduation Day

K Hours









It is amazing how the years pass by and our friendship remains.
Our appearance might change a lots but our heart will never change.
I believe that the journey will continue and our bond will get stronger.
Love you girls so much! 
❤ XOXO ❤

Lastly, I would like to wish my dear, Huey Yen, a very HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY!!! Although we might not celebrate your big day together, our hearts will always stay beside you from time to time. Looking forward to our next lovely date together.

Here is a little pressie for you, my dear!!! (Paiseh, recently lack of idea... >.<)

~~ Again, HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY to all of us ~~

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