Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ღ Happy Rabbit Year ღ ᵔᴥᵔ

So how was your Chinese New Year's celebration?

Getting many "Ang Paos" lately?
haha... My "Ang Paos" is getting lesser and lesser due to the very short holiday for CNY. =.=
Who cares???
CNY is all about eating and gathering together with family and friends. That's make my CNY lively!^^

Day 1
In the morning, got two big big "Ang Pao's" from my parents.
Went to Kek Lok Si with family at night. The place is decorated with thousands of LED lights that make the place a hot spot for Chinese New Year.

Red and yellow "Tanglungs"

Fascinating night view


          Wishing tree : hope everyone are HEALTHY ^^

Day 2

After visiting some relatives, went to dating with my dear. Yoohoo ^^
Don't know why he suddenly so sweet to me until requested me to wear a couple shirt with him which i bought it on the internet. He even bring me to Häagen-Dazs for the ice cream that i love most.
Sakae Sushi for dinner.
After that we went to watch Shaolin which we had to sit in the second front row. @.@

   Cherry Blossom (hope my luck this year will blossom too =.=lll )


Day 3
Off to Queensbay mall again early in morning with friends.
Booked a room in Neway at 11am for the salad buffet package.
Did some shopping after that and went to Winter Warmers for high tea.

Neway: Group photo of the so called "Mayfour"

The famous Lavander Cheesecake

our drinks

Lovely heart-shape cup <3

Hi Tea Set

After that, head to Caffe Strada at Crystal Point for our dinner.
Sadly, the restaurant just offered us the Chinese New Year Promotion with few selections of food.
Mostly all the promotion sets(soup+main course+drink+dessert) are at the price of RM19.90++ which is still reasonable for us.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Jumbo Sausage

Fish and Chip


Main entrance of Caffe Strada.

That's sums up my Chinese New Year holiday.
Head back to Uni again. Bye!

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