Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Unforgettable Valentine

After looking at the title, most of people will think that this post is related to my bf. Right?
Then you're wrong!!! 
This is definitely not about my bf.
I dated with a friend who has quite similar case with me.
(We both have a very very BUSY bf =.=)
She came to Singapore all the way from UTM, Johore to pass the Valentine's present to her bf who's very busy and didn't have time to be with her on this special day. 
So, we planned to meet and enjoy our Valentine's Day (without bf) to the max.
The sad part was . . . she got herself lost and couldn't find the place that !!!
and I have spent around RM34 H/P credit to contact and find her..
(maybe i should consider getting myself a Singapore tel. line next time >.<)
Another worse thing was I have waited her for 4hours at Orchard alone which was very pathetic and cruel for a girl on Valentine's Day.
(people sure think that this girl must be out of her mind to straying alone in such a special day?!)
Haiz... It's really sad to see couples passing by with a bouquet of flowers or love-shaped balloon on the girls' hand while I am alone.
Finally i found her and we managed to have dinner together in 
Xin Wang Hong Kong Café @ Cineleisure Orchard. ^^
The food there was a bit disappointing for us. 

Hers : Bamboo Rice

Mine : Baked fish with spegetti (the spegetti is dried and the fish is hard)

Ours : Mango Snow

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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