Sunday, March 20, 2011

Handmade keychains

100% Handmade <3


Love pillow (RM5)

Forever 21 (RM6)

Lingerie set *my favourite* (RM6)

cute "sai sai" (both for RM12)

custom made...


  1. greetings!
    uhm, i like your handmade keychains C:~!and i discovered your blog because i'm looking for ideas/tutorials on how to make a keychain like that (cloth to be used, etc.)..i'm planning to give a kind of 'farewell' (not really a goodbye though..: D) gift for the friends i just met..they made me feel so welcomed but then again i have to go back and we have to part could you help me make cuuute keychains~ *u*

    thanks so much for your time!
    have a nice day ahead~!^___________^

  2. Hi... im sure that those handmade key chains will be a great gift for your friends. And it can be easily make. Just cut thr cloths according to the design u want and stitch it only. :)

    1. wee~ hope soo.: DD..uhm, may i ask what's that 'string' (the one that is connected to the chain itslef..) called..?: D..and what cloth did you use...and the foam insidee~? teehee. soorry for the bother~ (_ _)V

      thaanks again for the heelp!: )

    2. I used felt cloths and normal cotton wool inside. Then the string I forget the name d. Welcome :)



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