Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yay!!! I'm free again~

Finally completed my 2 weeks intership in PDC Properties. Done my internship report too and was ready to sent it out by Post Express. Fortunately all went well and I'm consider the lucky one I think. This is because I was paid and there was no heavy workload. I even have the chance to write my logbook and do the internship report during my working hours.  Phew.... Glad that there is someone to guide me through for this report, or else I had no idea on how to complete it. Thank God!

My very yellow report (yellow front & back hard cover, yellow plastic cover & even yellow ring!)
I'm like the Bersih supporter huh?? haha.... Actually it is the requirement from the faculty where all the report for my course needed to be in YELLOW.

Received this pressie from my supervisor and colleague on my last day of work. Did not expected that they will be so kind. haha.... Anyway, Thanks ya! Appreciate it~ ♥

.... and... n .... I'm also looking forward for my trip to Singapore next week. Yoohoo!!! Can go there visit and kacau my dear again.... Hope that he will be as excited as me lah =3

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