Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Liese Bubble Hair Colour by KAO

Well, my hair is growing, growing and growing.... and now you could obviously see that there are two tone colour of it. With some black on the top part and faded brown for the remaining. Haiz... It's so freaking ugly and I should either dye again or chop it off. haha...

Then I decided to dye my hair all by myself this time. No joke! All by myself with this Liese Bubble Hair Colour by KAO. The product is more reliable to me as it is made from Japan. hehe... I choose the colour of sweet pink as I would like a reddish outcome. Brown is so boooooring...

Bought this Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Jusco Queensbay Mall for RM35.50. Kinda cheap d ^^
They even provide a packet of hair leave-in conditioner. ♥

All the steps are shown inside in this video. I preferred more into watching video than reading those boring instructions. hehe... It is so easy to apply like shampooing and massaging your hair.

Playing around while waiting for the time to pass. It is advisable to leave it for 1 hour to get better results. I love its foamie concept. and the great thing about this foam is, it won't drip and it didn't stain on my skin as easily as other hair dyes. The bad thing of it is it smelled awful and you might get suffocated. >.<

Tadang... the result! It seems that the attempt to cover the black top part of the hair has failed. The remaining brown is more brighter now. Aikss... My hair didn't turn out as red as I thought! I get brownish hair again.... =.= Anyway, I love this product because it would not causes so much damage to the hair like others does. I think it even soften your hair. Will try other colour again if I have chance ^^

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