Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan in Penang~

Our first stop is Balik Pulau. Went there for the famous Balik Pulau laksa. The shop is just located strategically on the center of the T-junction. There is also a very colourful  Dulux Paint shop located opposite the shop. You will notice it when you pass by the busy road of Balik Pulau.

There is only one stall selling inside the coffee shop. People from all places come only for the delicious Penang Laksa.

Tadang!! the legendary Asam Laksa and Siam Laksa. (RM3 each)
The normal one is the Asam Laksa. Siam Laksa added with some 'Lemak' which make the taste more alike those nyonya laksa.

Camwhore with my home made mini mooncakes. They ♥ it so much! awww.....

Happy us with the laksa and 'keklah sim bui'...


Next is the Balik Pulau new market. Due to the previous market located beside the coffee shop selling laksa which I mentioned just now is closed, all the stalls there had to moved to the new build market. Went there for the Pasembur and Prawn cracker. All the stalls in the new market look clean and hygiene. This is the good thing compare to the previous one which is erm...... dirty and smelly?.... The Pasembur are really yummy and cheap.

Next is the Te Chang You Tiao Wang (特长油条王). It just located along the main road of Paya Terubong. Just drive past Air Itam and you will see the stall on your right as you enter Paya Terubong. The stall is famous with its super looooongg 'You Tiao/Yew Char Kueh'. Besides, you also can choose your favourite ingredients (sausages, tuna, chicken floss, kaya, butter, peanut butter and even honey) to add inside the 'You Tiao/Yew Char Kueh' and it just like a chinese version burger. haha...

 You Tiao & Ma Keok (black and with sesame twins)

Happy us with the super looooooooooooooonng You Tiao and the tuna + mayonnaise You Tiao. 
(2x of our face... haha ^^)
Not to forget camwhore inside the car... hehe ^^

After eathing those heaty and oily You Tiao, we would prefer some refreshment to cool down our body. Went there for the famous coconut jelly. Too bad that there is no coconut jelly for today. Aiksss.... Nvm, a fresh coconut will do for replacement.
Anba Coconut Trading Sdn Bhd, Lorong Abu Siti

We choose the Pandan coconut (RM2.50) which is slightly more expensive than the normal coconut (RM1.70). The taste is so FRESH and SWEET..... 
Enjoying the coconut flesh by using the part of coconut shelf as spoon~

The next stop is the Logos Hope- Floating Book Fair. Too bad that there is too many people there and we went to the wrong place too. But not too sad, we enjoyed our mistake by photoshooting with the ship. haha... That is enough for us as we are not a book fans. 

Besides, we also get the chance to photoshoot around the Penang Fort Cornwallis. hehe... nice wall huh??

It time for dessert!! We went inside Prangin Mall for the Teochew Cendol instead of the most famous Cendol at Penang Road. This is mostly due to the hot weather which we cant take it anymore. Air-conditioned surrounding would suit us more in such situation. We kinda princessy huh?? haha... >.< Who cares!?
Tadang!!! The Ice-kacang and Cendol~~~~ 
Its too sweet for us... aiks.... Maybe we should go for the famous one... >.<

After all the foods, we went to Queens for shopping and dinners. Nothing special to blog about it...
Chaoz!!! Have a really nice Penang Trip today with my BFF today. 

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