Monday, October 3, 2011

Handmade flowers for Convocation ✿✿✿

My seniors convocation ceremony is around the corner. In order to make my gifts more special and meaningful than others, I decided to do and wrap it all by my own. Yay~ I mean ALL BY MY OWN!!! (Seems I'm kinda talented in such stuff huh?? ehem....) *shy shy*
Besides, thinking that the gift and flower shops might also raise their price in such season. So, I bought some flower papers and bears.....
I sew the mini version of graduation robe for the bear bear... cute huh? ^^

# Style 1

# Style 2

# Style 3

# Style 4

# Style 5

Proudly to present you with my handmade babies... 
(Anyway, I love the background so much.... it's my new hostel in UTM ^^)



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