Sunday, November 13, 2011

Starbucks Card

Yeepie!!! Finally got my own Starbucks card today. (I did not manage to get the limited edition Christmas design... how sad was it... T.T) Seems that it had been a trend recently where you can see people posts in their facebook status saying "I got my Starbucks card". Anyway, actually I'm not a Starbucks fan and the purpose I get this card is mainly for the benefits it offers. It is some sort like a prepaid card and with the ease of one quick swipe, you can purchase anything from the store. The best thing was....... upon registration of your card, you will get 1 complimentary Grande size handcrafted beverage of choice from any Starbucks outlets for FREE!!!

What is the Benefit?
Buy any 10 beverages of any size and get 1 complimentary Grande size handcrafted beverage of choice.
Purchase 1 tumbler of any size and receive 1 complimentary Grande size handcrafted beverage of choice.
During your birthday month, purchase any beverage and you'll get a slice of cake for free.
Buy any 8 packets of whole bean coffee and get 1 complimentary packet of choice.
Buy 1 whole cake and get 1 complimentary Grande size beverage of choice.
Every 15th purchase of any size of the handcrafted beverage, you'll get the 2012 planner.
Once you reload RM100 in your card, you'll get a free card holder.

How to get it??
With the minimum of just RM20, you can get the Starbucks card with preloaded RM20 credit in the card. Just go to your nearest Starbucks outlet to get one of it. The minimum amount of top up is RM10 and you may top up at any Starbucks outlet. So, basically the card is free!!! and the expiry date of the card is 3 years from the last transaction you made with the card.

For more information and to register your Starbucks Card, click here.
What you waiting for, faster grab one for yourself ! ! !

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