Monday, August 20, 2012

Swimming in "Chai Diam Ma"

Swimming in "Chai Diam Ma"... blurp blurp blurp...
"Chai Diam Ma" means sundry shop in Hokkien. I remembered that I always went to the Chai Diam Ma near my house to buy some tidbit or ice-cream during my childhood time. This "Chai Diam Ma" was different from the one we known as it is a dining cafe and they only sell hand-made stuffs and plushies.
It is located at Queen Street, just opposite the back building of Star publication.

Nicely DIY menu.

Full of inspiration and creativeness

immersed in their cuteness... 
How can they be so cute?!!! I am so into DIY stuff and sometimes I even make my own doll. Really amazed by the creativity of the owner @.@

Super likey the wall

Stuffs in the "Chai Diam Ma"

Fishies hanging in the air

The space inside "Chai Diam Ma" is limited and the waiting time is slightly longer. So be prepared to wait for 30mins or even an hour for the food to be served if the cafe are fully occupied. Friendly advise, don't go there with an empty stomach, you might get very frustrated for the long waiting time. 

Left: Carrot Orange (RM8) - 100% fresh fruits and sugar free
Right: Strawberry and Mango Tea (RM6) - it's tasteless >.<

Cheese Baked Macaroni w/ Seafood (RM16) -serves with little cherry tomatoes
A very home-cooked dish, combination of western-oriental cuisine fusion. I love the little black sesame that make the dish got a hint of crunchiness. Good try!

Thin Japanese Udon w/ Italian Sausage (RM16)
This dish is a little too salty and I wondered why the Italian sausage tasted a bit like Chinese sausage instead. 

Roasted Chicken w/ Green Salad and Baked Potato (RM19)
Love how they marinated and grilled the chicken with oranges slices and this bring out the sweetness of the dish naturally. but.... I disliked the salad as it got a weird black sauce that tasted like vinegar. ><

Me, Hooi Tin and our special guest, Shee Ling. Din't have chance to meet her since form 5. Miss those old days that we painted our school wall together ^^

Our masterpiece in Union High School... 
photo courtesy to Shee Ling

recycled old refrigerator to store books...

Chai Diam Ma 
15, Lebuh Queen, 10200 Penang.
Monday – Thursday: 11am-2pm, 6pm – 9pm
Friday – Sunday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Tuesday

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