Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's the day - My Convocation

Finally after months of waiting, the long dreamt graduation ceremony had come. I'm so excited with it and think that it would be a very fun day. Buying everything new from top to toe as I'm such a perfectionist that everything need to go well on my graduation day. It was such a hard mission to find a fully-covered black high heel which is one of the requirements set by the university. ISH!!!... added to it, it is almost an impossible mission as I only can wear size 3!!! There is not much choices for me to choose from as the smallest size available in most shops is size 4 only. >.<
I almost give up and...
LUCKILY, I found this beautiful babe on my last day in Penang before departing to Johor. *pheww....*

from Gurney Vincci

Actually it is nothing to be shouting about and it is just a normal degree graduation ceremony where there are thousands of people graduating their degree life every year. Whenever graduation ceremony is mentioned, it usually conjures up images of tiredness, boringness and sweatiness... and now I finally believe about it. It's really tiring and exhausting!!! Only sleep around  3hours before the day, I have to reached the university and register myself early in the morning before 7am. Then waited and mushroomed inside the hall for hours until my turn to go up the stage. and it was like only few seconds for me to be on the stage. My sudden thought was "台上一分钟,台下十年功".
Really not fun at all lahhh. >.<
Ok lah.. It was not totally unfun and the best part comes after the boring ceremony ended. 
Chit-chatting and photography session!!!
After seeing all my family and friends came for my day, I felt so blessed. *tears-rolled*

ME - Officially Graduated!!! Yeepie ^^V

My koko cum my personal photographer, mama & papa... ♥ you !!!

My 2 years roomie and best buddy!!! I won't forget you mia, dun worry =)))

My direct junior, thx for the bear bear!

cute Tze Tze

My pretty ex-roommate~

with the twins

Thx for the only flower I received on convo.
n sorry for making you squad till so ugly.. hahaha.... u too tall ady lah :P

thx for purposely coming from Sg ^^

Best buddy!!! Always stay beside me when I needed  T.T

Penang kiassss~~~

U guys so cool!!! Chung Ling rockz!!!

My two entau junior bodyguards... muahaha :)

Thanks all for coming and be part of my beautiful memories ♥

... and lastly, a group photo of us!

Besides, during the day I'm so happy to meet with all my coursemate after 3 months apart. At the same time I felt sad too because I'm not sure whether all of us have the chance to meet again. So sad that I don't even have time to talk or take picture with some of them due to all of us were busy with our own things. Aiks... Anyhow, glad to know all of you and thanks for the 3 years company; I do appreciate that. These precious memories shall be a part of my life that accompany me through my life journey. Keep in mind that, everything can be changing but memories will still staying at the bottom of my heart. Last but not least, hope each and everyone of you shining through your talents and have a bright future ahead!

Last but not least, showing off my graduation pressie.... teehee....

Thanks again!!! Kisses for everyone of you... muackzzz!!! ♥

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