Monday, July 1, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore 2013

USS!!! Yay… Finally I’m here for my 24th birthday. Errr… Did I mentioned that I’m 24?! OMG! Time flies and I’m a working adult now. It’s a mixed feelings as I’m glad that I have a career now but I missed schooling time a lot. Okay… Back to USS. Initially we wanted to buy 2 separate entrance tickets that cost around SGD74 / pax … Until I suddenly spotted the ads hanging at a pillar. It is the instant deal that we get to pick from 6 welcome packages that come with the RWS invites membership signup for Sgd150 annual & we chosen the Universal Studio Singapore welcome package that come with 2 USS adult passes including special access to skip the regular queues @ 5 blockbuster attractions, Sgd10 worth of dining and retail voucher each at USS. And member will have its own other benefits as well… Click here for more info.
The map of USS. Separated to few sections accordingly to the theme


The main entrance of USS. Only have 1 attraction which is the monster rock that have selected time slot for it. You may skip this section after done some photo shooting.
With Betty Boop 

Make sure you plan your time nicely to squeeze in the Monster Rock Musical Show that only have few time slot available (12noon / 2pm / 4.15pm / 6.20pm). A good attraction as we can enjoy the show while resting our tired feet and hide from the hot sun outside.


Then we choose to turn left and it was Madagascar! Oh yeah! I like to move it,  move it!!!
Attraction #1 Madagascar: A crate adventure - A slow moving boat trip
Attraction #2 Party-go-round - Madagascar's type of Marry-go-round

Far Far Away

Far Far Away, my favourite of all, especially the castle!! Reminds me of fairytale stories that once I dream I can become a Princess and live happily ever after. (Er... I mean the Cinderella or Snow White kind of princess, not the one in Shrek movie =P )
Attraction #1 Shrek 3D adventure - Enjoyed the movie with the shaking chair & sprinkle of water
Attraction #2 Enchanted Airways - I thought it's just for the kids, but end up a little scary
Attraction #3 Magic Potion Spin - A small indoor ferris wheel
It's Pinóquio! *I googled the spelling >.<

The Lost World

The next zone was The Lost World. Too bad that we dint get chance to visit some of the attraction there (Waterworld & Canopy flyer) as it is close due to technical issue. Really shuay one lo. How sad…
Attraction #1 Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure - Prepare a rain coat for yourself! You might get very wet here. (Rain coat is available there too @ $3 / pc )
Attraction #2 Canopy Flyer - Closed for maintenance >.<
Attraction #3 Dino-Soarin - Specially for children 
Attraction #4 WaterWorld - Closed for maintenance too T.T

Photo with the big man. Indiana Jones

Ancient Egypt

Headed to Acient Egypt. A must try attraction : Revenge of the Mummy. Used the special access, skipped the super long queue and walked in like a VIP. Oh yeah… I love that feeling. If you were an impatient person, make sure that you buy the special access pass to skip the hectic long queue.

Attraction #1 Revenge of the Mummy - It was kinda exciting but scary to me as it’s very dark inside and you don’t know the direction its heading. The ride even will move backwards!! So cool…
Attraction #2 Treasure Hunters - Don't bother to take this boring ride ... You can try it

The actors are so professional! 
Their facial expressions and poses, you can feel that they have passion in their job.

Sci-Fi City

We continue our journey to Sci-Fi City for the Transformer Ride and skiped the queue again. Hehe…. The 3D graphic and the ride was awesome, another die die must try attraction in USS. 

Attraction #1 CYCLON (Blue track) - Hanging type
Attraction #2 HUMAN (Red track) - Sitting type
Attraction #3 Transformers the ride - It's super cool! A MUST MUST TRY!!!
Attraction #4 Accelerator - Don't bother to try it as you might get headache after the ride

After lunch, we went back to Sci-Fi City for the roller coaster ride. Fyi, there were 2 types of roller coaster rides, CYLON and HUMAN. CYLON is the sitting type, whereas HUMAN was the hanging type. Asked and begged the bf to accompany me for the ride but still he refused to take any of them.
(Forgive him la as I scared that he might get heart attack and die halfway. Lol ) 
In the end, I take both of them and the ride's simply awesome. CYLON ride is more shiok as it will spin 360 deg. while you are hanging in the air. I’m so proud of myself for having the courage for the rides. 
Yeepie… I consider it as one accomplishment in my life ^^
... and luckily i'm still ALIVE !!! 

New York

Attraction #1 Lights, Camera, Action! - Learn about some movie tips inside and witness the scene inside a movie
Attraction #2 Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase  - Cute and fun ride

Spotted cookie monster

Let's join Elmo to save the Spaghetti !!!

The Lunch

Our lunch in Mel's Drive In

Before we go back,  exploring some of the hidden areas in USS for photoshoot.

Bump in this creepy / silly guy. I think his jobs are to scare and irritate people around.
So BEWARE of him!!

and it's time to say Good Bye to the fairy tale castle. T.T

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