Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hat Yai Trip 2010

Sawadee Kha”... Welcome to Hat Yai
A 3days 2nights trip with my besties and my bf.
Din't really have much time to plan on this trip as we decided this in a sudden.
We there by van and checked in B.P Grand Suite Hotel.
The hotel is in the middle process of renovation and the lobby was so messy and dusty... Yucks... >.< But then after we walked in the room . . . Fuyoh!!! *Eyes blinking* Clean, classy, elegant...

(so, don't judge a book by its cover =.=)

Okay, time for lunch.
Went to KFC and then McD to have our lunch.
Tried different kinds of snack that not available in Malaysia KFC.

Fish Fingers, Portuguese egg tarts, Shrimp Donut, Spicy Chicken wings . . .
(extra likey the egg tarts and chicken wings)

Tried the legendary Samurai Pork Burger

Disappointment. Didn't taste really nice.

Lastly, the special-looking waffles. That's really nice!!!
The waffle come with different flavour. (chocolate, caramel, rum & raisins, and etc.)

After we filled our tummies, off to explore again.
Everything over there are so cheap!
(hotels, foods, transport, dresses, shoes . . .)

Thai roadside ice-cream. (not use to the taste yet =.=)

Sweet potato balls. nice!

Something like 'lok-lok', with the special Thai spicy sauce which can make your mouth burning realiiii hot. pheww... =.=

forget what it was. not so nice too.

Don't really know the name of their foods.
Should we call this 'coconut milk pancake'? haha...
It tasted quite nice but you will feel disgusting after a few pieces of it.

After hours of walking and shopping around the area, time to rest.
Went to Swensens.

Tired huh?

Javin is fooling around =.=

The Hurricane(199bath) : 5 scoops of ice-cream with different kind of toppings

Day 2,

Started our day with Meiji fresh milk.

The local transport, "Tuk-tuk", which the fare is very very cheap.

Group photo ^^

If you were 170cm and above, beware of your head or else you will bump to the roof. ouch...
This is one of the weaknesses of being tall. Ngek ngek ngek!

Promoting in front the stall

Tried the pancakes and the bird's eggs. Its nice.

The local coloured drinks. (too much colouring for me =.=)

Oh my poor Javin. T.T

The Big Market. You can search for many cheap stuff at there.

Yeepie ^^  (Girls will felt happy after shopping but guys wont... =.=)

Went for lunch after that
Can't find the famous tomyam shop (cheap+delicious) that my brother intro to me. T.T
So, we just go for the one which the "tuk-tuk" driver brought us to.

Fried egg with chopped meat

Kangkung with Sambal

and . . . Thailand Tom Yam! *Yum Yum*

Went to Hat Yai Lantern Festival at night.


Disgusting fried insects... yucks...
(I won't spend my money to try anyone of these ✖╭╮✖)

Day 3,Before we went back Penang, we had our lunch at Hachiban Ramen at Lee Gardens Plaza.

Gyoza (Fried Dumpling): 45Baht

TomYam Kung: 83Baht

唐麵, 63Baht

五目らーめん, 85Baht

Yaki Soba: 63Baht

SEE his happy face? haha... That describes how delicious are the food there. ❤

375baht=RM37.50 for 5person. haha... Cheap right?
The food really tasted nice and much more suitable for our taste buds.
Be sure you try this shop next time if you have chance to go Hat Yai. (strongly recommended)
That's all for this trip. Happy viewing!

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