Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Festival Party

Johor Chung Ling Alumni Association had organized a Spring Festival Party (or should I said the old pal gathering =.=lll) in Chaw Yuan Restaurant (潮苑海鲜餐厅). The main reason that attracted me to go there is because of the cheaper fee. Chung Ling member just need to pay RM10 for this dinner. yoohoo~~~ damn worth it!!!

I said d. Old pal gathering.. haha XD

The masterpiece of one of the poem writer

Yeah~ Started our dinner with Yee Sang. Huat ar!!!~~

The first dish of the day. yummy^^
I was too busy nommm-ing with the food until forgotten to take pictures of it. >.<

Dart Competition. I just go for a try. ( Duno how to play actually =.=)
Sad face after playing ...

The dinner come with red wine and white wine. (worth right?!)

After the dinner, I realise that those in old age will appreciate more on their friendship and have more filial respect towards CLHS.

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