Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sushi making

These are some of the main ingredients needed for making sushi. Japanese short calrose rice (I preferred sumo brand), roasted seaweed, crab stick, ebiko, tuna meat, japanese mayonnaise, japanese vinegar, sugar, salt and etc. Basically, other ingredients (egg, cucumber, salmon, unagi . . .) can also be added into it and it is all depends on your own preference. Use your own creativity when making those sushi, definitely you will come out with nice and special sushi of your own.

In case you don't know how to cook the Sushi Rice, here is my own recipe :
3 cups of rice
3 1/4 cups of water
4 tbs of sugar
1/2 tbs of salt
5 tbs of vinegar 

1. Wash the rice for one time only.
2. Add in the water.
3. Mix the sugar, salt and vinegar together until it dissolved. Add into the rice.
4. Switch on the rice cooker. ^^

For the rolled type sushi,

1. Cut the roasted seaweed into half and spread the rice on top of it.

2. Press the rice with some mayonnaise until it is flat and nice. Put two crab sticks on top of the flatted rice.
( the crab stick can also be change to other ingredients like cucumber, egg, sausage and etc. )

3. Rolled it tightly with the bamboo mat. After you have shaped nicely, cut it into pieces of eight. 
With this few simple steps, you have your own homemade sushi. ^^

For the rectangular shape sushi,

1. Compressed the rice into rectangular shape by using hand or the sushi container.
2. Wrap the seaweed along the side of the rectangular rice.
3. Put the ingredient (tuna flakes, ediko, crab stick, egg mayo . . .) that you wanted on top of the rice.

Make sure that you try it out on your own. 
Just few simple steps and you can make it for your love ones.


  1. Hi dear. I got it from jusco supermarket. The place where they sell sushi..



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