Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monsta Cafe, JB

Finally i have chance to try out the Monsta Cafe theme restaurant. 
Woohoooo~~ *so excited*

awww... isn't the menu is cute and lovely?? n I'm a poka-dots fans!!! ^^

The wall deco of the restaurant. I think they put a lot of efforts in the restaurant deco.
The design is unique and I bet it is a suitable place for people who like cam whore. XD
There is a party going on at the second floor of the restaurant, too bad I dint have chance to take much pictures of the deco parts. >.<

A cute table with a pair of innocent eyes. 
aww... so adorable >.<

Eii... Noticed something special there. Guess what it is?
Hmm..... newspaper or . . .? =.=
and ta-da!!!

It is the floor deco... wow! so creative and unique ya??

Me ^^

Me with the birthday guy ^^

so lame >.<

The best part of the post, here come the foods and drinks :

                     Mocha Frappe (RM9.90) *must try*              Maroochino Freddo (RM8.90)

Left : Swimming Pool, Middle: Deep sea, Right: Black Beauty
Each for RM7.90 (the swimming pool taste better and others just okay)

 Passion Fruit Smoothie (RM8.90) *thumbs up*

                         Tuna Egg Sandwich (RM6.90)                        Breaded Potatoes (RM5.90)

Hot Little Mermaid (RM14.90) -
The taste is unique and it is really spicy. (Try it out if you loves spicy foods)

Grilled Chicken Chop (RM12.90)

Honeymustard Chicken (RM14.90) *must try*

Wow~ Lots of salivary food there ^^

Choc Banana Toast (RM3.80)

Ice-cream cake from sds bakery...

The birthday guy (suprises huh??)

At last, the group photo of us ^^
Thanks for the treat ya!!!

Blue Monsta : "Bye-bye and come again!"

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