Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ta-dang! ♥~~ Surprise!?!

Started my journey alone to Singapore again.
This time I dint even tell him that I'm coming to find him.
Just planned to give him a surprises for his upcoming birthday.
Reached his hostel, he came out . . . 
and "Ta-dang!!! Surprise!!! ...."
(So sad he din't get shock or surprise because I just disturb him from his nap =.=)

Surprise 1 : cute cupcakes from seasons

so fattening >.< 

Gingy wanted to blow the candle too =.=

That's the birthday baby ^^

Surprise 2 : Two homemade red eggies 
(dear and gingy are fooling around with the eggies =.=)

Surprise 3 : Homemade sushi from ME !!!
(awww... I'm such a good and caring gf ^^)

The evil Gingy wan to steal all of them -,-



Artistic right? haha...
Once again,
Happy Birthdaymuaxx...



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