Friday, June 3, 2011

Bangkok Trip - Day 4

The hotel provided us with these mineral water each day. So classy huh?
Today is shopping day!!! So excited about it. Started our day with Central world and we went there all the way by foot. It's about 10minutes walk from our hotel.
First thing to do of the day ... have brunch~ So we search blindly in Central World until we went to the Central food hall.

           Belacan fried rice (60+ Baht)                      Tomyam with minced prawn egg and rice (50+ Baht)

Thai Milk Tea (must try!)
Tup-tim Krop (Waterchesnut & Jackfruit Dessert)- Not my type, I prefer M'sia version =.=

Some other cute dessert stalls...... I wish I could try all of them >.<

Thailand shopping centre are so nicely design and decorated... These all are not landscape, but seats for tired shoppers~ Those stones are soft and squishy!!!

There are bazaar everywhere in Bangkok and it even have in those high-end shopping malls. Found this little bazaar selling handmade stuffs in Central World.
OMG!!!! I  Handmade stuffs so muchie!!!! and trust me, Thai's handmade are so creative, detailed and good in quality. I wish I can bought each of them back lar.... =3

So C.O.L.O.U.R.F.U.L ~~ Look at those cute little colourful piano ring!!!

Felt fabric notebook with cute little decorations~ Again ! So C.O.L.O.U.R.F.U.L  ~~~

Look at the guy who is drawing --- on my! I'm easily felt for guys who are so creative ~ o^.^o

Before we headed to Chatuchak market for shopping again, went down to the street for some snacks. (Told you d, bangkok had bazaar everywhere in the street.)

Busy traffic. Walk from the Skywalk to the nearest BTS station. I think the skywalk is one of the brilliant idea of Thai people, which can one can walk from one shopping malls to another without getting burn by the hot sun.

Chatuchak Market - one of the must go shopping destination in Bangkok.
(For your information, it is a weekend market which only open on Saturday and Sunday. From the information in the internet, we found out that it also open on Friday night from 6p.m. to 12midnight (See this) and I'm so happy for it! This is because our trip is from Tuesday to Saturday, so we only manage to go there on Friday night.)

How to get there:
Travel with BTS Skytrain via Sukhumvit line to Mo Chit BTS station, and take a roughly 5minutes walk from the station.

But after we went there around 7 something, all of the shops are close!!!!! What a disappointment!!!! arrghhhhhhhhh....... So don't simply trust the sources on the internet. T.T

So I just grab something from the night market along the street back to Mo Chit BTS station. How pathetic huh?? aikss.... no crazy shopping for me. T.T

So we went back to Central World for dinner at Hachiban Ramen. Love this Japanese restaurant simply for its cheap and delicious ramen. 
Soup ramen with chicken (70Baht)
Tom yam khung (83 Baht)
Yaki Soba (63 Baht)


Before I call it a trip, victories show-off for the trip~

... and don't forget to grab some of the Naraya products in Bangkok. All of the bags are designed by their local designer. The Naraya bags are damn cheap and in good quality. I love the big ribbon infront..... 

There goes our forth day in Bangkok~ Happy Viewing!

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