Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bangkok Trip - Day 3

After seeing the street food stalls nearby our hotel, I lose all my appetite. All those stalls got a weird smell which will make me feels vomit when passing by. Perhaps you will think that I'm too princessy or what, but I do not want to ended up food poisoning in the hospital. >.<

Thus, had our lunch in Food Loft @ Central Chidlom. All customer will be given this card upon entering the restaurant that will be used to order food. Each of the counter stall in the restaurant serving foods from different country like Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Italy and etc. For sure there will be a taste which suits you the best.

               Hainan Chicken Rice (70+ Baht)                       Pad Thai (Thailand Char Koey Teow) -100+ Baht

Before I start, make sure that you save this Bangkok Transit Map in your hp, it might be very useful and convenient for you to travel around Bangkok. You do not need to look for the map in every station which will  be very waste of time.

There is only one station from Chidlom BTS station to Siam BTS station. Siam Paragon is connected to the Siam BTS station and it is very convenient.

So many cute stuff inside the department store... awwww...... So adorable =3
I wan to steal all the teddies back to my room lah!!.......

After some window shopping, I found this!!! Hokkaido Milk ほっかいどう!!!
I choose Melon Milk flavour. It is sooooo delicious and refreshing. The best part of it is that it taste nothing like milk and it suitable for those female who hated milk as me. (make sure you try it when you are in Thailand!)
I fall in love with it after a dip~~~ awww..... How I wished Penang got such stall.


Next, we headed to the hot tourist spot - Khao San Road.

huhu.... So many people with tattoo around~ Scare neh...

Love the Street wear ~ ♥
Fake identification card, student card, driving licence, certificate and etc. . . can be make on the spot too! =.=

Real tuk-tuk Vs Fake tuk-tuk which made by aluminium cans (so creative huh?)

Yeeepie! Dessert time~ Swensens Choco Basket Combo (109 Baht)
I hearted ice-cream so much... awww..... =3 

STREETS FOOD!!! All look soooo delicious~ Especially the Pad Thai with egg (30 Baht)

Handmade thingy~ All so detailed and chubiiii!!! Grabbed 6 of those tiny cute little things back ^^

and Finally I ♥ Khaosan ~ Probably because the hot sexy entau ang mo??? haha.....
Okay, I should stop dreaming d! Happy Viewing~

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