Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bangkok Trip - Day 2 (Temples in Bangkok)

2nd day of Bangkok day, we manages to visit almost all the famous temples(Wats) in Bangkok.
An awful experience for me as I need to walk under the hot hot sun.... (arrghhhh.... I become so black after the trip T.T)

*Long post warning (Arrange it based on the popularity)

Wat Phra Keaw (The Grand Palace) - Where the home of the King

The admission fees is 350 Baht~ (kinda expensive lar >.<)
It is a sacred place where shorts and sleeveless are prohibited. But you may also rent their clothes for free in the front counter. (This is the reason why I wore such long pant in a hot weather which I usually won't  >.<)

The very very cool wall art drawing!! It portrayed story by story of the ancient history~

The very Thai-ish architecture~

The very blink-blink and golden detailed design~


Wat Arun (The temple of dawn)

I'm not sure whether there is admission fee of not for this place. When we went inside, there is no people in the counter, so we just went in for free. hehe =P
The magnificent architecture which decorated with bits of Chinese porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles.

The very sloppy and scary staircase~~ After my attempt to climb to the first level, my legs were so shaky and my heart couldn't take it anymore. I dare not climb up to the second or third level as the stairways were so steep and it seems there is no any safety measure there. Probably I scare I might fall down like humpty dumpty =.=
(p/s: Humble advise for those with acrophobia to not climb the stairways as you might get heart attack and faint at instant. LOL!)

The best view of Temple of Dawn come at sunset. Manage to capture this from the river of other side. You can go to the other side by the cross-river ferry which costs only 4 Baht.

After you reach the small terminal, you will have to cross this bridge and walk through the kampung houses then only you will reach the other side of the river to take this nice picture of Wat Arun at sunset.


Wat Pho (Temple of Reclining Buddha)

The huge golden Reclining Buddha

Throw in those coins one by one inside each bowl will make your wishes come true. Believe or not? You may try it your own to find it out! Those coins can be bought at the counter beside for 20 Bath if not mistaken.

The location around Wat Pho may be a bit confusing as all the temples look quite alike and you may find yourself lost just like my poor brother.. hahaha =D


Wat Saket (Temple of the Golden Mount)

There is no admission fee required when entering Wat Saket. Tourist picture of me ^^

Okay, and there got staircase again!!! arrghhhh..... why always have to climb wan har? Before we went up the 318 steps of the stairways, we refresh ourself first with the Oishi drink. Then started our climbing journey. Step, step, step.........

Along the path, there are also plenty of bells to ring and drums to hit which can kill the boredom of climbing. hahah!!

So there is the amazing top views after the breathtaking climb and . . .  it is worth!!!


Wat Benchamabophit (The Marble Temple)

Thanks to the f**king tuk-tuk driver which I mention in my previous post, we ended up in this non-famous temple. Anyway, to let our money worth it, we went inside and snap some picture.

The wall is made of marble~

SEE!!! The place is so empty and there is no visitor there except us and the monks....


Democracy Monument - the silent sentinel of freedom

When we asked the tuk-tuk driver to bring us to the nearest McDonalds for lunch, we bump into this monument coincidently. It is located just right opposite McDonalds.

It's full of primary and secondary students. I notice that the Thai McD chili sauce are different with Msia McD chili sauce. McD being so thoughtful even for the sauce provided in different country. awww.... I'm Lovin It!

Tried some local delicacies too and this end my day 2 trip! <3

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