Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unpleasant Experience in Bangkok

BEWARE of Tut-tut or Taxi drivers: Don't trust "friendly" guides, who speak preety good English. They will tell you that your desired destinations are closed (holiday, haven't open, or whatever). You'll end up going to a fake gem store or a crappy jewelery shop, or worse. The tuk-tuk driver will tell you that he will get a coupon of petrol when he bring you to the shop and this will make a pity on him and you will agreed to go to the shop in order for the driver to get free coupons, this all were lies from them.

This is the tut-tut driver (Did not manage to take his picture but he drive a sharp pink tut-tut)

The story begins with  .  .  .  .
We decided to go to Grand Palace by Tut-tut as we thought will be more cheaper compared to the luxury taxi.
So, we stopped a tut-tut, asked for price and hop in.
Then the driver begs us to help him to earn few gasoline coupons by going to the shop which he taken us to on the way to Grand Palace.
It is 10am. He said that Grand Palace will open at 11am and the two shops on the way to the destination. (He lied to us and grand palace open at 8.30am =.=)
Just thinking that it may be some souvenir shops and would not waste us much time so we agreed.
and.... OMG!!!
He drops us infront of a wholesale jewellery shop with windows that are tinted so black which we cannot see thru it. (Besides, he also wanted us to spend around 15 minutes inside the shop showing interest to the product.)
Walao!!! We just walked in the shop and the sales person doesn’t look friendly.
The gems displayed inside are so low quality and it looks like stolen stuff.
Went off the shop after awhile and the driver told that he can't get free coupon with a angry face. (Wah!! I was damn pissed off... )

Then he brings us to the second Gem store which is bigger. . . .
We spend quite long in the second shop which help him earned his coupons. (Then he show a smiling face...=.= )
This tut-tut driver is soooooo greedy which he want to take us to the third shops. We disagreed. (He was so beh song....)
After a while, he stopped and said that we have reached Grand Palace. (WTF?!!!... That is not Grand Palace k?)
The place he took us is Wat Benchamabophit (The Marble Temple).
We just drop down without wasting our time arguing with the drivers that will make no differences.

P/s: I suggested those who travel around Bangkok to take Taxi instead of Tut-Tut. The price might be the same or even cheaper based on my experiences. Always flag a moving taxi, not one waiting by the hotel or tourist site.

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