Thursday, April 21, 2011

U Dessert @ Mount Austin, Johor

It's dessert time!
Chan Wei, Xin Ying, Zheng Chuan and I went to the legendary dessert shop at Mount Austin after our dinner.
Due to the fullness in our stomach, we just able to try some of the dessert. >.<
awww.... so sad as it is very far from our uni... T.T
There are so much choices of mouth-watering desert to choose from...
and it was tough for us to make choice from it. slurp...

Durian Sago (Heavenly!!)

Mango Pancakes

Black Sasame & Almond Paste (not my taste >.<)

Lastly, a picture for remembrance ^^
A must-try dessert shop in Johor. Will go hunt for more dessert again. <3

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