Saturday, May 14, 2011

A misfortune =(

Yay~ Finally my final exam for this semester is over. As usual, instead of getting back Penang by bus, I rather spend more to take flight which shorten the travelling hours from 9 hours to 1 hour.
So I went Senai International Airport, Johor Bahru and checked in my 29inch large luggage with Air Asia. The flight delays again and I have to wait... wait... wait...

After I reached Penang and claimed back my luggage, disaster happens again! My luggage can't even stands straight. When I looked down, I realised that the stand is broken! OMG!!!
Those AirAsia's stuffs must have broken my luggage when they throw it roughly. It really spoilt my mood.
Then my mom asked me to go for AirAsia counter and ask for any compensation. and you know what? The staff mentioned that the compensation for broken luggage is only RM8 and they can't do anything more if you did not bought the insurance from AirAsia. WTF?!?...

That is the cons of cheap flight. Btw, I paid extra RM30 for my luggage to be checked in okay?! Can't they treat it with more care?!!! aiks... My pity luggage.... Can't even stand straight. Have to burn my pocket a hole again to got another new luggage. So sad... T.T Anyone want to be my sponsor?

Small tips: For those people who don't want to end-up like me, you can tell the staff that there are fragile things inside your luggage. Then your luggage will be treated with much care. =)

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