Thursday, June 16, 2011

Raja Uda Tom Yam

Went to Raja uda purposely to try the legendary Tom Yam.
All my friends were saying how good it is and finally I have the chance to tried it. OMG!!!
It is abit hard to find the tom yam shop as there is no shop name in the front of the shop.
So we went serching and serching for hours...
and finally.... we found it!!! (with the help of gps and a friend help)
It is located at the shop lots beside a primary school.
The best things of it is we can choose the ingredients to put in the tomyam. (fish balls, meat balls, fish slices, eggs, abalone slices, sausages, tofu, minced meat and etc.)
Err.... it is around 9.30pm when we reached and we been waiting for around 1 hour for the food to be serve. (I heard they said that the waiting time will be longer on weekends.... >.<)

Look at the Tomyam mee with super full ingredient.... slurp slurppp.... (RM13++)

Tomyam Moi with self pick ingredients (RM6++)

Tomyam with self pick ingredients (RM11++)

Ermm.... This tomyam is not as spicy as the normal tomyam that we have. The taste is quite special for me and it is worth a try ^^... Kinda suitable for those who cannot eat spicy food and they sure will love it. As for me, I prefer Thai tomyam which is more spicy and sour... 

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