Monday, January 30, 2012

Chew Jetty, Penang

It is so shameful for four of us as a Penangite because we did not been to this heritage place before. Thus, I suggested them to go there for a walk and take some photos there. Chew Jetty is also one of the scene in the movie of  初恋红豆冰 (Ice Kacang Puppy Love). In meanwhile, we can also imagine ourselves inside the scene too.... haha...

The entrance

Nicely decorated heritage house with CNY decoratons

The olden hair saloon & 'Chai Tia Ma'

Make it into black & white for a more dynamic effect... ^^

 The fisherman mayb??

and . . .

ME ^^
( The only picture of me on the bridge... so sad >.<.
I'm super shy to pose for more pictures as there are many 'ah peksss' staring at you like a weirdo)

Happy Dragon Year... *Gongxi Gongxi*

and lastly.... super likey this colourful house!!!!! (Thanks to the house's owner hah XD)
It's really a super duper good background for us to pose for pictures ^^

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