Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year Cultural & Heritage Celebration

This is my first time going to the Chinese New Year festival celebration that organized by the Penang state government. It will be held every year during the period of Chinese New Year and I think those who is in Penang should come and celebrate it together. However, I still can see such a huge crowd of people at there despite some of them having school and work on the day after. Oh yeah!! This is how the spirit of CNY should be and for sure you can feel the 'laujuak-ness' in this event.

I went there around 7pm and the traffic is seriously jam. It's hard to find a parking there and you may need to park very far away and walk there.

SEE!!! Once I reached the place...
So crowded..... (I just realise that there are many Chinese in Penang... ^^)

A very long table of "Yee Sang" (err.... I dislike the taste of yee sang >.<)

Me with 24 season drums

Roasted Pig (oh... poor little piggy... it looks so kesian >.< )

 people mountain people sea =P

I wanna curi his head back lar...... its so cute with the pig tails.... ^^

Chingay performance

Khoo Kongsi
Wow! It's so nice with lights. My first time went inside at night.

猜灯谜 (Riddles)
aikss... I'm sucks at guessing such stuffs....

Chinese Traditional Music Instrument
It's so pretty and unique.... first time saw it, something which is near to extinction.

Baba Nyonya Culture Zone
the wall with face painting

so cute

Dragon Calligraphy

me writing the word dragon (er... nice not my calligraphy?? )
Double dragon Double prosperous

Chinese Traditional Art and Culture Zone
Traditional board game which I duno how to play...

The guy which know how to do many traditional toys with recycled thingy....

That's all from me. Chaoz...

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