Thursday, February 9, 2012

Doraemon World 2012 @ Genting Highland

Finally I'm here for Doraemon World 2012 at Genting Highland Arena of Star. It is a very last minute decision for us to go there and bus tickets was bought just a day before the trip. So, all of us just name it as a very very spontaneous trip. Since i'm a Doraemon fan since kid, how could I miss the chance to meet them in person?

So lets sing along,
"AN AN AN.... Tottemo Daisuki.... DORAEMON...."

This is the Doraemon limited edition Touch n Go card!!! A very very super duper cute card that is FREE if you bought the entrance ticket to the Doraemon World 2012. The entrance fee will costs you RM35. If you are Genting cardholder, RM5 free credit will be pre-loaded in your Touch n Go card (maximum 4 tickets per card).

A random picture with the Doraemon wallpaper

The entrance to the Arena of Stars. The Doraemon World is separated into few sections which included Doraemon Town, Doraemon Gallery, Doraemon Carnival and Doraemon Mall. It start off with a tour around Doraemon town that is guided by an actual tour guide.

First stop, 

Ourselves inside the comic books

Very huge comic book! We shrank >.<

Some brief introduction on all the characters in Doreamon. e.g. Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Takeshi, Suneo...

Second stop, 

The figures look so real and these are all imported from Japan. Everything looks so familiar to me ^^

Third stop, 

Fourth stop, 
Why they sit so far away from each other?? haha... must be very very shy =P

Last stop,

p/s: For each of the stop, we are only allowed to stay for around 5 minutes only. Ish... How they expect us to enjoy it?? We were just rushing like crazy to take photos with it only. =.=


After the tour, we move on to the Doraemon Town. There were so many building figures and characters around the town. Luckily this time we can spend as much time as we wanted around to take some pictures or to buy some stuff there. 

Super super cute Doraemon!!! How I wish I can bring back one of these....

and you know what, we are so soooo lucky on that day. Manage to meet two local celebrities at there too. Mei Sim and Orange from Project Superstar...


After the Doraemon Town, we go down to the Doraemon Carnival to catch up with the 'Doraemon World 2012' mascots at the time on 5pm. FYI, the mascots will only appear at the following times... 1pm, 5pm and 8pm. Make sure you schedule your time nicely to catch up with the mascots, if not I bet you sure will regret to the max. XD


For the Doraemon Gallery, they displays all of the gadgets seen on Doraemon and some extra characters. 
Some of the displayed items inside the gallery


Imported Doraemon premiums are for sale inside the Doraemon mall. 

The super super huge and chubiiiii Doraemon plus toys!!!!!! I want it~!!!!!!!!!
It costs RM1288. Anyone there please grab one for me??? =3

The journey end here...

I shall end this post with the irritating face of Doraemon...
It looks so cute even when he is angry. Awwww.........

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