Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An obsession with dessert

I'm so obsessed with desserts and I guess desserts do play a very important role in every girls' heart. This also explained why I gain weight so fast and always got a chubby look instead of a skinny look... (Ish!!!... How I wish I can be a skinny girl that won't be fat no matter how much I eat =.=)

So these are the desserts I took in a day .... (OMG!!!)

After-lunch dessert,

Kiwi Berry Frozen Yogurt (RM13++)

After-dinner dessert,

Black Ball Signature (RM6.90)
*A must try Taiwanese Dessert in Penang*

My supper,

TGI Fridays- Brownies Obsession (RM14.90++)
There are different kinds of texture in the brownies which perfectly matched with the ice-cream, chocolate-fudge sauce and caramel sauce.
*Totally indulged myself with the sweetness of the brownies*

I must said that I really have no resistant towards dessert. 
Even when my stomach is bloated with foods, I will still go for dessert.
Sweet stuffs do contribute a lots of fat to my body.
Someone please STOP me from taking desserts any more!!!
If not, you will see me become fatty girl with a bucket waist after few years =.=

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