Thursday, April 12, 2012

BOOST (What's ya name game)

I was like "my name!! my name!!" when I saw this post in Boost Juice Bar's fb page.
Coincidently I'm heading to Queens tonight for Battleship movie and....
 this means that I can BOOST inside the cinema *woot woot*
Just show them your IC and pick any flavour you want (I got myself  a "All Berry Bang" - the top seller)
It got the combination taste of sweet and sour and I felt so refreshing from my first sip to the end.
Yay!!! I shall consider myself to be very lucky as I just stay in Penang for a week only.
(Luckily it did not announce this name when I'm in JB.... Phew~~ cause there is no Boost outlet in JB =.=)

Happy me with my FREE BOOST!!!

(Dull looks with messy hair and small eyes.... That's how I look when I just headed for movie >.<)

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