Monday, April 16, 2012

Sigi's Bar and Grill Beach Bar @ Golden Sands Resort

"All that's missing is you"
Aww.... what a caption!! So, what are you waiting for? Come down here quickly and gives this place a surprise visit. Experience the intimate moment of connection between your inner soul and spirit of the sea while exploring boundless temptation at every corner of the bar.

✈ Relishing the serenity of breath-taking scenery while listening to the wave crashing on to the shore
✈ Experiencing the relaxing cool sea breeze blowing on to your face
✈ Enjoying the romance of lazing around on the comfortable bean bag while drip on some alcoholic drinks
✈ Reveling in the satisfaction noming on the fabulous finger foods while chatting with friends
✈  . . .

If that's what you been looking for, Sigi's Bar and Grill had launched a new bar called SBG Beach Bar with an open air, breezy concept. It's equipped with a circular bar counter that serve countless of drinks including branded beers, wines, cocktails, soft drinks and mojitos. (sounds like mosquito *NnnnnnnnnNnn..... Piak!*)  -.-
The bar is open from 5pm to 12midnight which allows you to witness the historical change of dawn to dusk.

Open air concept bar in front the restaurant

Bean bag sits

Upper deck area & Open BBQ Grill Pit
The whole restaurant is touch up with various hues of blue that matches the theme of sunny blue skies and turquoise oceans. Giving the restaurant a sense of romantic and glamorous.

The cozy interior
The circular bar counter


Besides, there are also some entertainment that will cheer you out and kill the boredom.

1. Strolling Band Performance

Some friendly and cheeky entertainers that good in oldies songs

2. In House Band

Get ready to Rock & Roll with them??

3. Bartender Flair Demonstration & Fire Juggler Performance

Some extreme and exotic performances by the macho guys 

and guess what is this??.... 

FYI, guests can also mix their own customised mojitos!!! 
Give it a big "Wow" here..... *clap clap*
Make sure you give it a try yourself.. 
Actually it's quite simple lar... 
 Put in some ice, mix in this and that, shake it, and pour it out~~~
..and Tadang!!! This is my own customised mojitos!!!
 (err... actually I just help to shake it only =.=)

I love this so muchhh. Soft-centred tarts with a little cherry inside that matched perfectly together.

Fruits and appetizer

There is also a little heaven for the kids to play around.
Some sand building equipments are also provided for the kids to build their own creative sand castle.
Cool huh? Parents then can enjoy their romantic dinner without any interference. haha...

Lastly, thanks to Jennifer and Jason from Gourmet Garden for the invite, making me from nobody to somebody... *blush*

Sigi’s Bar and Grill On the Beach
Shangri-La’s Golden Sands Resort
Batu Feringgi Beach 11100 Penang Malaysia

Tel : 04 886 1852
Business Hours : 11am-6pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm (Beach Bar: 5pm-12midnight)


  1. Great company though shy at first, great photos with a good perspective of the atmosphere. Hope to see more of you very soon.

  2. Thanks much!!! I'm hoping too... ^^

  3. i like ur photo...wat software u use to edit it? and wat camera u used?



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