Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Behind 50

Behind 50, finally I'm here after knowing about it for a decade. =.=  
This little hidden bright yellow cafe was located at the corner of Muntri Street and Love Lane. 
Make sure that your are familiar with the hidden lorongs in Penang, or else you might get yourself lost in the city. 
Guess what's that?? Their creatively decorated ceiling with some old stuffs that make it so environment friendly.

I was amazed with its original retro and vintage design.
With their very own creativity, they manage to bring 50's and heritage touch to the restaurant. 

As the spaces of the restaurant is small, they only have limited sittings.
You may choose to sit on their high bangku looking over the roadside or relax on the comfortable sofa.
(p/s: I have to wait for an hour for my food to be served when the restaurant is fully occupied. @.@
So do have patient if you plan to visit here...)

Thanks to this functioning little antique fan that keeps me cool at that time. 

Some of their collectibles...
Old cassette player, cameras, childhood toys, rusty bicycle, storybooks . . .

50's coffee??

What I like the most is their wall deco, simple yet nice.
(Dah Tengok!! Really SUI!!!! =P)

Reading storybook?? Nope!!!
It's actually their menu. Creative huh??

The set lunch/dinner come with soup, drink and dessert with just an addition of RM8 to the main course.

The soup and garlic bread (Spot the 50?)
(the soup is very rich in flavour with a thick texture that blend in a lots of mushroom, must try kay!!!)

Drinks: Blueberry and Peach Tea
Dessert: Chocolate Ice-cream

The main course:

Fish n Chips (RM11.90)
Nice and Cheap!

Almond Fish (RM14.90)
(A little disappointed on this dish as the fish is tasteless and its too oily, love the pickled veges more =.=)

A very chio design beside the road

Behind 50
Love Lane, 10200, Penang

Business Hour:
Mon – Wed  : 11:30-01:00
Fri  – Sun      : 11:30-01:00
(close on Thursday)

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