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許留山 Hui Lau Shan, Gurney Plaza

Hui Lau Shan (許留山) is originated from Hong Kong, and it is expanding its business to Malaysia!
... and now it is available in Gurney Plaza, third floor, just next to meet fresh. This will be the fifth outlet in Malaysia. Hui Lau Shan is famous for its assorted mango desserts and is focusing on serving healthy fruits desserts. A very good news for those mango lovers out there.

Philippine mango on the left & Thailand mango on the right

In order to produce the high quality mango desserts, all the mangoes are air-flown from Philippines and Thailand. The difference between both of them is Philippine mango tastes sour with strong fragrance while Thailand mango tastes sweet. The sweetness of the mango juice or purée come originally from the Thailand mango with no sugar added and this explained why this shop claimed that they sell healthy dessert. In the meanwhile, Philippine mangoes are use as the topping of the mango dessert so that they smell nicer.

Delicacy Snack Series (精选小食系列)

Signature Curry Combo (咖哩什锦) - RM7.90

This dish is slightly different with the Hong Kong version as it has been localized to suite the local taste. The curry of the Malaysia version is spicier and stronger in taste. What I found it special is it used white radish instead of potatoes, with the combination of dried beancurds, fishballs and cuttlefish, it matched perfectly together.

Spicy Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings (香辣瑞士鸡翼) - RM4.90

Marinated with the Swiss herbs and spices, the tender chicken meat fully absorbs all the essences. It's slightly sweet and salty at first, but after few bites, there was spark of spiciness which lift up the overall taste.

Fresh Mango Mochi (芒果糯米糍) - RM4.90

Come in 3 pieces, the chewy mango mochi skin wrapped with a fresh Philippine's mango cube inside and was covered by shredded coconut. The mochi was handmade and that explain why the texture of the mochi was so soft and chewy.

Double Delight Sweetie Ball (糖不甩) - RM4.90

It's the glutinous rice balls sprinkled with some sesame and crushed peanuts as the topping. The sweetness comes naturally from the sesame and crushed peanuts as there is no sugar added in the peanuts.

Fruitties Jeli Series (鲜果爽饮系列)

From the left:
Honey Jeli with Pomelo & Mango (金捞爽) - RM6.90 (regular) RM7.90 (large)
Golden Pinky Crystal Jeli (金粉水晶晶) - RM6.90 (regular) RM7.90 (large)
Mango Cube & Mango Juice Series (粒粒芒A系列) - RM7.90 (regular) RM8.90 (large)

In this fruitties series, customer may mix and match either with the juice or the jeli based (honey/mango/pandan/crystal) according to their own preferences. The best part is it is designed for take away which added some variety for people in choosing their take away drinks instead of just having the usual bubble tea. XD
If I have to choose from all the assorted drinks, I will vote for Golden Pinky Crystal Jeli (金粉水晶晶) as I felt that it's the most perfect combination. Sweet and sour combination from the strawberry and mango with the chewy texture from the crystal jelly blend well together to give a unique and refreshing taste. 

Nourish Deluxe Series (滋润炖品系列)

Supreme Coconut Stewed Bird's Nest with Harsmar (cold / hot) - RM22.90

Once this is served, I instantly smelled the strong fragrance of the coconut. Personally, I don't like the coconut milky taste of it. Anyhow, I bet that girls will love this so much as the ingredients are very good for the skin and the complexion.

Ganoderma Herbal Jelly (hot/cold) - RM7.90

For those who do not like bitter taste like me, syrup is provided instead of honey. ^^ This is because they suggested that the honey might be too strong and will cover the original taste of the herbal jelly.

Fresh Papaya with Harsmar and Coconut Milk (原只木瓜雪蛤膏) - RM11.90

Very interesting dessert as we can scoop on the papaya flesh and sip on the coconut milk.

Fruitties Combo Series (鲜果拼盘系列)

Fresh Fruitties Sweetie Ball with Double Juices [watermelon & mango juices] (鲜果鸳鸯捞丸子) - RM14.90
Choose any two juices (Mango/Coconut/Watermelon/Honeydew Melon/Cantaloupe/Papaya)

The juices were so refreshing that it go along very well with the fresh fruits served together. The best combination is watermelon and mango juices. There was also small glutinous rice balls inside the juices which added some chewy texture in it. However, I felt that the glutinous rice were a little too hard for me.

Mango Mania Series (招牌多芒系列)

Mango Icy Sweetie Ball (多芒小丸子) - RM11.90

Brilliant combination of different mango texture such as mango purée, mango flesh and mango ice-cream served with glutinous rice balls. The mango ice-cream was in-house made and it is make every day to preserve its freshness.

Mango Romance (芒之恋) - RM12.90

This mango dessert platter contained 3 combinations: 
 Glutinous rice ball and mango cubes in mango purée 
Mango flavoured ice cream with mango cubes and crystal jeli
 Mango mochi with mango slices
It's the smaller version of the best seller items which allow you to try all at the price of one.

Mango Feast (芒果小盛宴) - RM12.90

Another great mango dessert platter contained 3 combinations: 
 Mango flavoured ice cream with mango cubes and coconut noodles
 Glutinous rice ball and mango cubes in mango purée 
 "冻饼" - cream-cheese with mango covered by crispy crush
Personally, I liked the "冻饼" so much as it's so special and delicious which I can't find it in anywhere else.

From the delicacy snack series, there is also some dessert specially create for take away purpose. 
Choice of Double Series (双层滋选系列) - RM4.90

Another mix and match to satisfy various preferences for each and every customer. The packaging is customized for take away purpose, and it's so cute and unique. It can be given as gift to loves one or to satisfy sudden craving for dessert during midnight. ^^ Customer may pick 1 topper and 1 base of their own choices. Each of them will have 4 different choices to choose from as illustrated in below.

Personally, I felt that the dessert served here are up to the standard. The dessert is delicious, no artificial taste, and fresh. With such cozy ambiance, the price of the food here is considered reasonable. 

许留山 Hui Lau Shan
Address: Lot 03-68, 170-06-01, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang
Business hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm (Daily)
Tel: +604-227 8745
Facebook: huilaushanmalaysia

Outlets in Malaysia:

  • One Utama
  • Berjaya Times Square
  • The Mines Shopping Mall
  • Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
  • Gurney Plaza, Penang
  • Cheras Leisure Mall
  • Sunway Carnival Mall (Coming soon in October)
  • City Square, Johor (Coming soon in October)
  • ... and more to come in future!


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