Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Haji Lane with BERGS

Haji Lane, Singapore. I'm so surprise that there is still such place in Singapore. Full of colourful buildings and street arts, it's definately a place for the youth to express themselves. The street is mostly occupied by independent fashion boutiques and middle east restaurants. Hope to see more places like this in Singapore that will help to build the identity of Singapore, instead of having luxurious shopping malls everywhere.

Decided to grab a BERGS @ Haji Lane

Burgers, burgers and burgers… with a cute name in each of it. haha… But it all sounds the same to me as I'm not a big fan of burger, however, I'm sure that there is something for everyone. They have a wide varieties of burgers as well as vegetarian burgers too. Just add on $4.00 and you will get a set with the chosen burger of yours.

The interior with limited spaces

It's our first time here, so better go for their specialties. The burger come with 2 sizes (4 inches for small / 5 inches for berg size), and of coz he will choose the berg size. I think it's big enough to cover the face. haha... The patty was juicy and tender, though it's slightly expensive.

The happy guy with his huge burger

Add $4 for Chips + Ice Lemon Tea to any burger

The fries was huge too!!! This will be the longest and biggest fries i ever ate in my past 23 years. hahaha….

As i mentioned before that I'm not a burger fan, so I go for their fish and chips and I like it more than the burger. ^^

10 Haji Lane, Singapore 189203
Tel: 6293 3424

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