Friday, July 20, 2012

China House, Beach Street

Due to the increasingly famous wall paintings on the heritage buildings in Penang, Yen and I decided to have walk around Armenian Street and have breakfast in Amelia's cafe. Too bad that we can't find the location of Amelia's Cafe. After that I only realise that we pass by the cafe few times without noticing about it. =.=lll

Thanks to the Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic, leaving his mark with lively wall paintings of children

Does she look like him?? hehe...
Hope to have more "福" around me... Cross fingers that I can find a great and suitable job.. (´ω`)

So, eventually we run into this cafe, CHINA HOUSE 唐人厝
which is a traditional compound of 3 heritage buildings, linked by an open air courtyard and converted into 14 spaces comprising of shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries and multi-purpose performance theatre.

After viewing through their websites, I only knew that ChinaHouse comprises of so many cafes and restaurants such as Kopi C. Espresso, BTB & Restaurant, Beach St. Bakery, Vine & Single, 14 Chairs, Courtyard Cafe & Burger Bar, and Canteen & Bar. At first I thought that there was only one cafe called ChinaHouse. >.<

Okay, skip the introduction and let see the foods and drinks ~~~
Mouth-watering Pâtisserie from Beach St. Bakery... yum yum
n there are so many choices of pastry to choose from.... another girls favourite hangout spot to be :)

Café Latte (RM10) - thx to the barista for drawing a cute bear for us ♥ 
Mineral water served in a bottle (free)

Marjolaine (RM15)
very rich chocolate texture in it which is a must try for those chocolate lovers.
A little bit sweet for us and I prefer the chocolate to be bitter.

Tiramisu with Kahlua (RM12)
the legendary Tiramisu that everyone are talking about.
A little different from the normal Tiramisu I had before. Love the sweetened nutty texture around it but its slightly too sweet for us. It matched perfectly with Café Latte!!! 

Besides, Crayons are provided too. Okay, that means childhood time!!!
Wow, look at her super serious face when drawing... Missed those art classes in schooling time. aww....


Tadang!!! Our masterpiece ~~~
(intentionally make it become like 6 years old kid's drawing :P )

After the meal, its time to explore more about CHINA HOUSE~~~

the fine dining area

the reading room, ChinaHouse's library

Private wine corner

Keep walking till the end of the hallway and you will come to a round ancient China door. hehe.... This will lead you to the outdoor garden...
For those who love greenery view, there are some tables in the garden

Love the deco which make good background for photoshoot. Too bad I din't bring my cammie here. Taken by iPhone and that explains the picture quality. =.=

A super artistic wall painting. I think the painting somehow summarize the main attraction of Penang Island.
*Thumbs up*


  1. the painting that they selling some up to 5 figures. crazy! =S china house is quite nice, environment wise, but food is expensive! TT

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