Friday, July 20, 2012

Tioman Escape

Finally I'm here, Tioman!!! Tioman is one of the island which is nearest to Johor Bahru and so we decided to head up to Tioman for a short island escape during the EXAM WEEK. Ya, I mean that and we are crazy!!! haha... This will be my last final exam week during my degree life. Phew~~~ but who cares??? Enjoy first, and die later... =.=

Went to Mersing Jetty from UTM Skudai by car and its takes about 2 and half hours. From Jetty, its takes another 1 and half hour jetty ride to reach the first stop, Kampung Genting. Our resort located at Kampung Genting and there are still many others kampung along the Tioman island.

Mersing Jetty

Yeah!!! Finally we  reached this paradise island~
Clear greenish water with white sandy beach *woot woot*

Thx to the hotel reception for waiting us with the wooden wagon to carry our luggages :)

We stayed at Sun Beach Resort which is located at Kampong Genting.This means that we were all totally confined to that one part of Tioman and not the rest of the island. Kampung Genting is a quiet village and the fat yellow man could not be found anywhere on that part of the island. Sorry to said that there is no phone coverage for Digi users only and other service provider users may laugh at us evilly :(
Luckily, the resort provide free wifi access, if not we gonna be isolated and shut off from the outside world. FYI, Tioman island is quite large and has eight main villages, with the largest and most populated being Kampung Tekek in the north.

Little chalets of the resort we stayed. Totally authentic right?? Wooden room build on rock...
The best part of the resort is its only 5 minutes walk from the Kampung Genting Jetty and some of the rooms are facing the beach. 
We did not take any package due to most of the cheap wan are fully booked, so we just get the resort and snorkelling packages separately. As this is a budget trip, we try to get those cheaper resorts. This trip only cost us around RM250 included all the transports, foods and accommodation. OMG!!! Cheap right?? 

Sun Beach Resort Room Rates:
Budget Twin Room: RM58/night
Standard Quad Room: RM118/night
Snorkelling Trip: RM30/person, Equipment: RM18/person
Ferry Transfer: RM70 (2 ways)

Day 2

It's Snorkelling Time!!!

The snorkelling trip only brings us to an island, marine park and the duty free shop. I think snorkelling in Tioman island is incomparable with snorkelling in Redang island. Why???
- First, the corals in Tioman are half dead and they were black in colour... ish!
- Second, there are not much cute fishes to see. No mini shark, no turtle, no unagi...
- Third, the species of fishes are almost the same. Boring~~~
I get bored after my first 30 minutes in the sea and I wished that there are much more to see in the marine park.
BUT. . . forget about it. It's just disappointment. Arrghhhh.... I missed Redang so much!!! >.<

The Marine Park

Some view around Kampung Genting~

Leaved a mark

Dinner at the seafood restaurant located at Kampung Genting, 10 minutes walk from our resort.
Surprisingly, the food are so delicious and its cheap!!! RM119 for 11 person~~ WOW!!!

 Day 3

Camwhoring again before we leaved this beautiful island...

Sorry, no bikini shot.. :P

Group Picture

So this picture shall end our 3days 2 nights budget trip in Tioman ヽ(^。^)丿

Some people walk in and out in our life, 
and for sure, each everyone of you will leave a foot print in my heart

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